Monday, January 21, 2013

How Sweet It Is

I would have been happy for either side to win in yesterday’s first game, with a slight preference for the 49ers, so that outcome was just about perfect. A close game between two very good teams, with my preference on the long end of a close score.

The second game was a thing of beauty and a joy to behold. Does it get any better than watching a bunch of blue collar brawlers going up against the Ivy League blue stocking gaggle of snobs in New England and kick their aristocratic asses? The prissy quarterback and the thug in the hoodie present an aura of privilege and entitlement; they belong in the Super Bowl and anyone who challenges them for that right is a presumptuous bumpkin. Well, the bumpkins showed them how football should be played.

Phil Simms, the biggest fathead ever to hold a microphone, kept yammering about how the Ravens defense had played two long games and traveled a lot. “They’ve been on the field for 87 plays in the last two games,” he insisted, and they must be too tired to stop the New England juggernaut. Oh yeah, tell that to the New England receivers, who could barely stay on their feet after the Ravens secondary had been beating on them for three quarters.

And so, in addition to the usual quarterback vs. quarterback discussion leading up to the Super Bowl, we will have the Harbaugh vs. Harbaugh discussion. We may also have a competitive game.


Bartender Cabbie said...

"prissy quarterback and the thug in the hoodie." Nail on the head.

bruce said...

Flacco has gotten a bad rap, but the last fwe games he's done really well. The whole team has.. perhaps due to Ray Lewis retiring and getting everybody pumped up. This will be a good Super Bowl and the Harbaugh this won;t matter - they both play to win.

I don't know about Brady being a prissy, I could go for the thug in a hoodie. But really, they've been out of the Super Bowl for the past decade, and not always even in the playoffs.There was talk of them being a dynasty back in the 2000's, but that fizzled out and they haven't been up to that level of play. Good, yeah ok - great, not even. They did not play well at all in the AFC game. No one owes any team anything - they all have to work at it.

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