Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Amnesty Again

In pimping for his immigration reform plan the other day Obama said that, “We forget that most of us used to be them.” The man has regained his ability to thoroughly piss me off.

No, we did not “used to be them,” because our forefathers came here legally. They applied for permission and waited until that permission was granted. They came here with the intention of becoming citizens and earning the rights thereof. They did not come illegally in the dark of night, use forged documents and false names to get jobs, and start screaming about their “rights” as non-citizens and law-breakers.

I don’t care if they’re “good workers.” I don’t care if they are “good people; if they are faithful to their spouses; if they treat their children well; if they go to church every day and have statues of St. Mary in their living rooms. They are criminals. They broke the law by coming to this country without permission. They broke another law by forging documents. They broke another law by lying to their employers. They break these laws every day they are here, and they think nothing of it.

I don’t get this country, I really don’t. We incarcerate people at the highest rate of any nation in the world. We throw people in prison practically for stealing a loaf of bread. Some poor addict gets caught with a marijuana toke in his pocket and we will lock him up in prison for years. But a person enters the country illegally, uses forged documentation or a stolen identity to obtain a job and continues doing that for years, and our reaction is that we need to “let him come out of the shadows” because “all he wanted was a better life.”

We ought to throw him out of the country, because he broke the law in more than one way and did so for years. He wanted a better life? So did that poor dumb pot smoker, but we threw him in jail for seeking that better life through illegal means.

What are we telling people who waited their turn, who waited for permission or are still in some distant land waiting for permission to this day? We’re telling them they are suckers. We’re telling them that their dream land is not what they think it is, because we reward those who break the law. The illegals are here, living the good life with a “path to citizenship” and they are still out there waiting for permission that they may never get. We don't have room for them because we're too full of immigrants on that "path to citizenship" who illegally jumped ahead of them.

Fairness? Amnesty is about 12 million votes and both sides seem to think those votes will go to them, which is symptomatic of just how stupid and insane our politics has become. What’s equally pathetic is that those 12 million votes will, indeed, go to whichever party the 12 million immigrants think is most responsible for the amnesty.


bruce said...

Deja Vu - didn't this happen back in Reagan's time in the early-mid 80's... same thing, same scenario, same amnesty, just less people. What a precedent did that set... Far more people applied than were expected - many were frauds and hangers on, and the enforcement provision promptly went out the window. It got lobbied out of existence, watered down by business or the ACLU or political expediency. History repeats itself, yes?

What annoys me perhaps more than the just the BS nature of the whole thing, is the sense of "entitlement" and "rights" that the illegal immgrants have. Excuse me?

Politicians have no balls.

Bartender Cabbie said...

It is a huge problem that will be difficult to solve and there may be no "right" answer. Fixing the problem of further illegal immigration is rather simple though......

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