Thursday, January 10, 2013

Cheerleading Puffery Continues

The Wall Street Journal begins its article on unemployment data by admitting that the number of people filing new claims increased last week.
It increased by 4000, which is a pretty large number, considering that last week was a four-day week.

They then say, “but the amount of workers drawing benefits on a continuing basis dropped to its lowest level since before the financial crisis took hold.”

They say that, using the word “but,” as if it’s good news. It’s not good news. It happened because some workers became discouraged and quit looking for work, and because many other workers used up their eligibility and their benefits expired. What’s with this “but” crap?

When is the media going to quit cheerleading with nonsensical commentary and slanted statements in what are supposedly news reporting pieces? They even go to the extent in this so-called “article” as to quote some jackass from some putative research company saying that the numbers
are “sending a consistent signal of a gradual healing in labor market conditions." I'm glad my doctor doesn't define "healing" the same way that clown does.

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