Tuesday, January 01, 2013

Bonehead Award

LSU’s head coach, Les Miles, has never been noted for conventional play calling, but when leading by two points with three minutes remaining and attempting to run out the clock, calling three consecutive pass plays is not unconventional, it is boneheaded stupid. This is not the fist game that LSU has lost due to the stupidity of the play calling, in this case resulting in nine possessions which failed to achieve a single first down, and it won’t be the last. Not to mention advising the defensive secondary to play “off” of the receivers when all the opponent needs is a field goal for the win.

He also needs to teach his defense how to tackle. They can stop an opponent when they are able to take a run and make a big hit, but in close quarters when they have to actually tackle I’m not sure they could reliably bring down a cheerleader. I saw more missed tackles in Clemson’s offensive backfield than cars on an LA freeway. That was embarrassing and it was a disgraceful that an ACC team was able to do that to any SEC team, let alone the LSU Tigers.

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