Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Lessons Not Learned

What did France learn from its experiences in Algeria and Vietnam? Not much, apparently, since they are putting increasing numbers of "boots on the ground" in Mali and making noises about staying until... Well, the end point is unclear, which rather makes my point.

They seem to think they learned something from their more recent experiences in Libya, but I'm willing to bet that they did not learn what they think they learned.

What did we learn from adventures too numerous to count? Pretty much what France learned, apparently, because we seem to be getting set to "lead from behind" in the Mali adventure. No, I am not advising that we should take a more active leadership role; I am suggesting that we should treat the adventure as if it was radioactive.

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bruce said...

Maybe France wwants to get in on the "saving nations" thing.

Well, Russia hasn't gotten involved anywhere. Oh wait, there was South Ossetia. Oops, sorry.

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