Monday, October 29, 2012

Silliness and Grandstanding

CBS Evening News did an "expanded coverage" of hurricane Sandy tonight, in which Scott Pelley was shown standing out on the shoreline braving the wind and surf for no discernable reason other than to be seen braving the wind and surf. He looked utterly ridiculous and less than halfway through the broadcast the storm cut off the feed and he was seen no more. Served the silly ass right, in my humble (?) opinion. Then, just to add to the inanity of the whole thing we heard from him on a garbled telephone connection giving us a brain dead description of waves breaking over the sea wall behind him. Good God.


  1. The whole thing is ridiculous. Not to make light of the storm (although it is tempting), but these "reporters' on all networks are making a mountain out of a mohehill. And to think these broadcasts are seen worldwide. No wonder people think Americans are asses....

  2. bruce8:53 AM

    At least there isn't a politician up ther exponding on something. But of course, they'll get their face in there sometime.