Sunday, October 14, 2012

SEC Football

Oh my, I do love to watch SEC football. Looks like Les Miles and Zach Mettenberger both learned something from last week's loss to Florida, and last night's game was everything that it was expected to be. LSU is not going to move back up to #3, but it will gain ground and is back into contention for the SEC West. The Tigers have their work cut out for them, but... Their fate is in their own hands. Texas A&M is continuing to be a pleasant surprise. Sure it was not a ranked opponent, but still...

Saw most of the Kansas State game. As you may guess by my moniker here, I am no big fan of Silo Tech, but they are a tough team. Next week will be interesting, because... What the hell happened to West Virginia? I was watching other games and when I saw that on the crawler had to back the dvr up to be sure I had not read it wrong. That might put a little tingle in the Wildcats' spine.

Not overly surprised by Notre Dame over Stanford, since I remain of the opinion that the whole Pac 1012 is overrated. Quack, quack.

Yeah, I know, San Diego and all that. We have sun, beaches, blah, blah, blah. We have lots of good stuff including some college basketball, but we don't have college football.

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  1. Both the KSU/WVU and TAMU/LSU games will be worth watching this week. LSU/South Carolina also will be good.