Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Study In Contrast

I was replaying the Chargers game to verify a couple of impressions; one being that Norv Turner did not stop running Ryan Matthews in the second half, as claimed by a great many angry fans. He didn’t initially, but Matthews was having less success and did get his number called somewhat less often in the fourth quarter.

I continue to be unable to see what others claim for number 24. He looks to me like a decent running back, but nothing more than average. The “awesome” performances of the last two weeks have been 84 and 75 yards for the game, and both weeks have seen at least six other running backs gain more than 100 yards on the day. He has some size and speed, but not a remarkable degree of either, and the only time he can make sizeable runs downfield is when he breaks through the line untouched. A “great” running back needs to be able to retain or regain his balance and make big runs after bursting through the line with contact, and he seems unable to do that.

Anyway, what I noticed was a study in contrasts. When San Diego was leading 24-0 and the camera showed the Chargers on the sideline, Philip Rivers was laughing and joking; having a party with his teammates. After Payton Manning threw the go-ahead touchdown for Denver they showed him on the sideline and he wasn’t even smiling. His face was a study in intense concentration. His team had just come from a huge deficit to take the lead and his focus was clearly, “What do I need to do next?”

Therein lies the answer to the constant underperformance of the San Diego Chargers. Payton Manning is a professional football player. Philip Rivers and his team are a bunch of clowns.

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  1. People are pin pointing the head coach of the past underachieving games. Despite of what happened they still able to win it over Chiefs. Good job Chargers!

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