Saturday, October 27, 2012

Local Paper

My wife has finally blown her stack over our local newspaper, saying that "one more stinking editorial" and she will cancel our subscription. I decided that was not really the moment to suggest that I might have some input into that decision, since I also live here and read the paper.

The paper used to be called the Union-Tribune, which might clue you in that it is the merger of the city's two major local papers. That was a long time ago, of course, and it has been a fairly miserable rag ever since that merger. Then Douglas Manchester bought it and renamed it the San Diego U-T, and the paper has become as ridiculous as the new name suggests.

Manchester is the guy whose hotels were boycotted by gay groups due to his vocal and monetary support of the infamous Proposition 8, and that may be among the least vile things this asshole has engaged in. He supports a new downtown stadium for the Chargers, of course, because he is the developer who would get to profit from it. Do I need to tell you the editorials about which my wife was blowing her stack were in praise of Romney and his ilk?

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