Sunday, October 21, 2012

Football Weekend

Well, LSU won, but… Five turnovers should certainly lead to more than a five point win. That was embarrassing, the offense bordered on pathetic and the defense showed a startling lack of discipline despite pretty much shutting the Aggies offense down.

I’m not talking just about the penalties, either, although I would not suit up Reid next week after that cheap shot late hit on the Aggie receiver who did not catch the pass. That was bad sportsmanship and, on a failed third and sixteen, was unbelievably stupid. The whole defense showed a very undisciplined tendency to forget their assignments and go dashing toward the quarterback, forgetting that where the quarterback is now is not where he is going to be when you get there. He is going to be where you were supposed to be before you acted like an idiot and went dashing off in that feckless chase after him.

Sometimes the defense all “stayed home” and that was just a thing of beauty. The A&M offense just came apart like a cheap suit.

The offense was not helped by the play calling of the pinhead on the sidelines, either. Let’s open up the second half with three deep passes in a row. None of them were completed, of course, because if it is more than ten yards away from him Mettenberger cannot reliably hit the Goodyear blimp. Later, a couple of successful inside runs get the Tigers to the forty yard line so, of course, dimwit calls three more of them in succession which net zero yards and the result is a missed 50-yard field goal attempt. The man is a complete and utter moron.

Watching Florida destroy Steve Spurrier’s team was about as much fun as going to the hospital and getting an iced water enema. I hate Florida, and those silly ass fans waving their arms in the stands thinking they look like alligator jaws. They look like idiots.

Kansas State can flat play some football. There was nothing tricky or fancy about that; it was basic football and teamwork, executed with determination and skill, and was a joy to watch. Might they go against Alabama? They might, they just might.

NFL Prediction: Bye Week 24, Chargers 17


  1. bruce8:18 PM

    24 incidents of drunkenness, infidelity, foolishness and otherwise?

  2. If I was a LSU or (God forbid) a Florida fan I am not sure I would want to see my team face the Aggies right about now. They are playing some pretty good ball.