Thursday, October 11, 2012

Fiscal Responsibility

David Dayen makes a telling point at FDL News Desk regarding the Obama campaign commercial hitting back at Romney for the “Big Bird” remark. They want to attack Romney for cozying up to “Wall Street criminals” and so they list three such felons; Bernie Madoff, Ken Lay and Dennis Kozlowski. Not one of them was prosecuted by the Obama Department of Justice. Two were prosecuted by Bush, and Madoff was turned in by his son before Obama took office.

So when Obama wants to talk about convicted Wall Street criminals, he can’t name ones prosecuted during his own term in office because, even with the biggest financial collapse in almost a century to work with and fraud at a scope never before seen in history, his administration has not prosecuted one single Wall Streeter.

So what this ad actually points out is that George W. Bush, whom Obama is blaming for our current economic disaster, did prosecute and punish financial fraud while Obama, who is dealing with the consequences of that disaster, does not prosecute and punish financial fraud. Which one is the “fiscally irresponsible” party?

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  1. bruce9:01 AM

    And was Mr. Romney actually associated with any of those guys? just political BS, like Reid's baseless accusations of not paying any taxes. Lies, innuendo and BS, that's politics. And the poor voter has to figure out if theres any good in all of this?

    I could go on,but it's depressing...