Tuesday, August 21, 2012

Tipping Point

I cannot remember a presidential election in my lifetime where I had a complete and utter loathing and a total lack of respect for both sides. Whoever slings the most mud wins, while America circles the drain.

I remained reasonably okay with Obama until he "went negative," but now every time I see him he's either slinging mud at Romney or Ryan, or he's threatening war with someone in the Middle East. If he's spoken about helping the people of this nation with anything other than tax cuts or some other program aimed at special interests for the purpose of obtaining their votes, I have not heard it.

I don't read articles about the presidential campaign, I don't watch political networks, and when a segment comes on the news about a presidential candidate I hit the mute button. I am not going to vote for a president, and if this is what the office has become I think this nation would be better off without one.

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