Saturday, August 25, 2012

Preseason Football

I have literally sat in a chair and watched paint dry, so I know what I'm talking about; doing that is more exciting than watching preseason NFL football. The drying paint thing is a long story; it was a long time ago and I was not entirely sober at the time, so it seemed like something the needed doing. Watching Billy Ray Smith interview celebrities on television last night while players cavorted on the gridiron silently in the background did not need doing. Especially since I was sober last night.

Anyone who goes by the name "Billy Ray" should not be appearing on television in anything but a comedy role. I guess it could be worse, he could go by the name "Billy Bob," and his role on Chargers preseason football is something of a comedy role, only he doesn't know it. He once interviewed the Mayor of San Diego about some tax initiative while showing the Chargers scoring an 80-yard touchdown, and did not let the action on the field interrupt his tax discussion for one second. He continued it through the extra point, and during the kickoff did the "while we were away..." thing.

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  1. Watching corn grow (when it wet enough to grow) is a lot more interesting than watching paint dry.