Thursday, August 30, 2012

Illogic Abounds

I did not watch Paul Ryan’s speech last night, I was more interested in some guys catching catfish by hand in muddy waters and fascinated by a “swamp guy” opening his mouth repeatedly to show us that he had no teeth. Good stuff, certainly more interesting than Paul Ryan, and I wasn’t tempted to slap anyone in the face.

I did, however, read much of his speech, and it convinced me not to vote for Mitt Romney. That’s a pretty good trick, since I had decided many months ago not to vote for Mitt Romney, but if Obama can cause an auto plant closure a full year before he takes office as President, then by damn Paul Ryan can determine my vote many months before he is nominated. If that doesn’t make sense, that’s fine; neither does Paul Ryan.

Meanwhile, Obama supporters are pointing out that the stock market is awesome and that corporate profits are at an all time high in order to refute Republican claims that “Obama is ruining the economy.” These people are supposedly Democrats, but they are crowing about the success of the oligarchy and ignoring that middle class income is declining, the number of people in poverty is increasing, and unemployment is still at unacceptably high levels and not improving.

Accepting the decline of the middle class and cheering about the stock market and corporate profits is not quite what I an accustomed to hearing from Democrats.

Update, 10:15am: Oh, this is a real knee slapper. Factcheck says that Ryan took "Factual Shortcuts" in his speech last night. Those were "factual shortcuts" that came out of his jackass grinning mouth. That loud bang you heard was my computer blowing up.

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