Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Bird Slayer?

Killer CatDoes this look like a creature which would be out roaming the neighborhood and ravaging wildlife, savaging rodents and slaying birds? Is this crittur a "rapacious killing machine?" Trust me, she is not any of those things.


  1. Anonymous5:39 PM

    Just wait until you find a half dead mouse in your shoe...

  2. bruce8:51 AM

    more likely kitty barf.. interesting, um.. "study". Cats and the internet, you know.

  3. In addition to finding a mouse that can still run into a closet when dumped out of your shoe, you might discover a chipmunk that was clearly still alive when it was put in a bathtub, but certainly wasn't by the time you were made aware of its presence. Then there is the realization that the pile of fluff in the corner of the coat closet isn't from a hole in a down coat, because you are fairly certain they don't put tiny little bones in coats. Who knows what she would do if you just let her out to go look around.

  4. Well, yes, but the point is that she doesn't "go out to look around," and if she did she would spend her time hiding from anything that moved out there. Courage is not high on her list of attributes, and ferocity does not make the list at all.