Thursday, August 23, 2012

Leave Her Alone?

Tony Stewart says that we should “leave Danica Patrick alone” and let her do her thing. “Let her learn” he says, without badgering her and putting too much pressure on her. I like Tony Stewart a lot, but he is full of crap here.

Why should we leave her alone? It’s not like she came into the sport as some sort of shrinking violet. She came storming onto the stock car racing scene like she was the best thing since the invention of the bikini; strutting her stuff, parading in dozens of commercials and advertisements and posing as a glamour girl in every venue that was available to her. She basked in the acclaim as a race driving phenomenon and disclaimed none of it, and every time something bad happened she blamed it on everyone except herself.

If she wanted to be “left alone in order to learn” she should have behaved in a manner that encouraged leaving her alone, and portrayed a person who thought she needed to learn and wanted to do so. She did none of that. She played the diva &, after displaying a comprehensive level of incompetence, is reaping the reward of her own behavior.

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