Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Cheerleading Danica

When NASCAR parachuted Katie Couric in to interview Danica Patrick, the interview was all about a woman trying to succeed in stock car racing. They failed to notice that, for that upcoming race that day, another woman had qualified for a better starting position that Danica. 18 year-old Johanna Long qualified 17th in an underfunded car, to Danica's 20th in one of the best funded teams in the Nationwide series.

When there is a wreck the team usually works furiously to repair the car and get it back on the track in order to salvage as many points as possible. After Danica's wreck her crew chief said on the team radio, "We're putting [the car] in the truck. We do stupid shit like that, we don't go back out."

Danica's side of the story was, "I got pretty close and I might have tapped him. I'm not sure. He was pretty ... like slowing it down quite a bit." So if he was slowing down, why didn't you, Danica? Actually, she more than merely "tapped" him. She pretty much ran over him.

Reminds me of a traffic accident where a lady pulled out of a stop sign in front of me and I hit her. She was the wife of one of my best customers, which turned out not to be a problem. His only response to me was, "Don't worry about it, I've ridden with her."

Anyway, she kept screaming at the cop that I was going too fast, and he asked if she saw me going too fast. She insisted, yes she has seen me going too fast. He finally asked her, "In that case, lady, why did you pull out in front of him?" She got a traffic ticket, I did not.

So I guess I finally made my snarky women driver remarks.

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  1. Just couldn't resist, could you? Good post...