Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mere Semantics

How come it is that when unemployment claims decrease by 2000 Bloomberg says that they "dropped slightly," but when they increase by 2000 Bloomberg says that they are "little changed" for the week?

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  1. bruce9:39 AM

    "dropped slightly" and "little changed" are two sides of the same coin. Or two ways to say essentially the same thing. But the semantics matter - changed is neutral, dropped sounds better.

    That's like Oil Companies increased profits by 100% !!!!! when it is in reality gone from 1% of revenue to 2% - a huge increase, insn't it? Oh, and we need to tax that "windfall" so they don't profit from gouging to poor consumer.

    It's all in the spin. And people suck it up without using thier brains and thinking about the context.