Sunday, April 18, 2010

Update This!

Do you get as tired as I do of some damned thing or another announcing on your computer that it needs to be updated? I am 67 years old, for heaven's sake, what do I care about being up to freaking date? If I could buy a computer that would still run it, I would still be using MSDOS 3.11.


  1. bruce9:45 AM

    and "floppy" floppy disks, and don't forget the use the turbo button (or is that too fast for you??)

    yes, I remember those, and yes, I can rummage one up for you and yes I'm a smart ass. Thank you.

    Now keep writing, you're my home page.

  2. Arthur1:20 AM

    Would you like to buy one of mine? I think I have four that need DOS as their operating system. You can have them cheap, my land-lord says I have too much junk in my basement!