Thursday, April 01, 2010

Not April's Fool

I'm going to be making positive remarks about both Chris Matthews and Keith Olbermann and, no, this is not one of those April 1st posts to make you feel like an idiot. I'm really doing it. I know, mark your calendar.

Chris Matthews gets points for his outrage on the Catholic Church mess.
A Catholic himself, he regards these things as criminal acts; believes the perpetrators should be defrocked and turned over to civil authorities for prosecution. Good for him.

He also had an interview with the Attorney General of Georgia that is worth watching. The man is unflappably rational and good humored, cheerfully declines to be baited by Matthews, and has a delightful Georgia accent.

Keith Olbermann does a delightful segment on Obama's oil drilling announcement. In it he says, among other things, that Obama has finally announced a plan that didn't delight some people and infuriate others, but rather one that made everyone say, "What?" Indeed. He beautifully highlights the utter confusion as to what the plan will do both politically and regarding our oil supply.

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