Monday, April 19, 2010

Feline Thermodynamics



  1. where's the thermodynamics? sun = thermo, but dynamic? looks like a lot of inertial immobility to me.

    oh wait, my bad... it's a feline battery! storing solar energy for a 4am burst of explosive skedaddling

  2. Arthur1:17 AM

    Fundamental physics at work. It is your biology class that led you astray. They told you that all mammals are homeothermic, and that only green plants convert sunlight to storeable energy. Cats routinely confound both of these "facts". Unfortunately, both the inability (to stay warm without help) and the ability (to store sulight for later use) are under their control, and not repeatable under controlled conditions. So only cat owners (cat-owned?) know these things, and we can't convince the scientists.