Friday, April 16, 2010

Weapons of Ash Destruction

First Icelandic banks collapse, costing British investors something like $5 billion in losses, and now those cheeky Icelanders have the nerve to pop off a volcano and ground British air traffic. How terribly uncivilized of them.

The Christain Science Monitor headline reads, "Volcano in Iceland: Brits add it to their grievances toward Viking republic" (who knew that the Vikings came from Iceland), and the subhead is a real kick,

Still smarting from the Icelandic bank meltdown that parted many from their investments, Brits are none too happy about the salvo of volcanic ash that's grounded their air traffic.

As if that weren't enough, they go on to say,

Could the volcanic ash cloud currently paralyzing Britain's air traffic and exacting a heavy economic toll on the country be Iceland's latest strike in a curious and long-running spate of hostilities between the Viking republic and Her Majesty's Government?

Again with the Vikings but, really, anthropomorphizing a freaking volcano?

Not to mention that both events would be something on the order of a nation dropping a nuclear bomb on itself to piss off its neighbor with the fallout.

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