Thursday, April 22, 2010

Bartering for Health Care

In all of the brouhaha about the Nevada candidate suggesting bartering for health care as a policy, "bring your doctor a chicken," no one has pointed out that organized barter systems can be illegal. They circumvent income taxes and the IRS can jump down your throat, figuratively speaking of course, for participating in them.

Inquiring minds want to know; is Lowden suggesting income tax evasion?

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  1. Arthur12:58 AM

    Didn't your dad sometimes get paid in chickens? Well, maybe it was melons, but same idea. And the IRS only gets upset if you don't pay your taxes. If you declare the value of the chicken (line 27, other income: $3.50, in kind) and pay the tax just like it had been cash revenues, they are very happy. Of course, there is the little problem that they won't take a piece of fried chicken in payment, so you still have to make SOME cash money...