Friday, September 25, 2009

The Shampoo Bomber

ABC News paints a “chilling picture” of two incidents where men tried to blow up buildings with fake explosives that they bought from the FBI.

Again we have plots which consist of one guy with a grudge and the IQ of a houseplant, aided and abetted by a bunch of FBI agents egging him on to do some sort of terrorist act with play-dough, ending with some Attorney General standing at a podium prating about having pulled us back from the brink of disaster. I am glad they are getting these fools off of the streets, but all of the chest thumping and braying about it afterward is embarrassing. If I were the FBI agent involved, I would want to wear a bag over my head while I was being awarded the medal for arresting an idiot.

The Zazi plot sounded like the real deal until we started hearing that it was “potentially the biggest attack since 9/11” and where he got his explosives. He was making explosives out of hair care products which he bought, not wholesale, but on a walk-in basis at hair salons. ABC says that they talked to “the salon” where he bought his materials, and that the people remembered him. Well, I guess they would if he was buying enough hair care products to build a bomb (bombs?) big enough to compete with 9/11.

“No, dear boy, I need the Peach Scent, and I must have 465 bottles by tomorrow. I have a lot of relatives visiting.” Walks out muttering under his breath, “Damn fool expects me to make a bomb out of Pine Scent. Nobody makes pine scented bombs any more. That’s so yesterday.”

And the DOJ charges him with "attempting to use weapons of mass destruction." Oh, please. Committing a terrorist act, sure. Maybe even mass murder if you must, but I think that would be stretching it. This "WMD" thing is just nonsensical. Really; weapons of mass destruction made out of hair care products.

I thought we were past this with the end of the Bush Administration.

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