Tuesday, September 08, 2009

Julie & Julia

I don't usually do movie reviews, but my wife and I saw this movie yesterday and loved it. It was really fun, and Meryl Streep was more Julia Childs than Julia Childs was. I never watched her cooking show all that much because she didn't cook the kinds of things I'm into, but I enjoyed her personality and her love of cooking.

One warning, though, I almost had to leave before the end to head for the nearest restaurant. By the time the movie was over I would have eaten a can of dogfood. We got to where we were going to eat and I pointed to the menu and told the waitstaffer, "I'll have one of each. With extra butter."


  1. okay the last paragraph would make me go see this. And yes, please extra butter.

  2. DTE and I saw it opening day; Meryl Streep can do that to us. We thought it was excellent.