Monday, September 21, 2009

Football Follies

The players and coach of the Chargers used much the same arguments as to why they lost to the Ravens yesterday; the loss of nose tackle Jamal Williams, and the fact that the Ravens kept using offensive formations that the Chargers didn’t expect and didn’t know how to deal with.

Well, I have a suggestion for the latter; you watch who gets the ball, and you tackle him. If the play is a pass, get in front of the receiver and don’t let him catch it or, alternatively, knock the quarterback down and don’t let him throw the pass.

Who cares what the damned formation is? Whoever’s in front of you, knock him on his ass and go tackle the ball carrier. And no, my helmet was not leather; but it didn’t have a face mask, so it was quite a few years ago.

Apparently, in today’s NFL football, everything is decided before the ball is snapped, sort of like the magnetic board football I had as a kid. You lined everything up and flipped a switch, at which point the board vibrated like hell and the little players moved around at random until you turned the switch off. Everything depended on how you lined the players up. We played that thing for hours. Need I say, that was before computers?

Of course, real players have things those little magnetic players didn’t have, like eyes and brains. Well, supposedly they do, although at times that seems questionable.

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  1. bruce1:38 PM

    I thought the offense had the fancy plays, and the defense was.. well, defense.

    Maybe we need a back to the basics movement?

    step 1: When we have the ball, it goes over there.

    step 2: When they have the ball, we stop them. Even better, take it away from them and repeat step 1.

    step 3: Go get 'er done.

    step 4: (optional) this does not mean do the above OFF the field in your personal life.