Saturday, September 19, 2009

Getting It Right

So, Obama is weakening our ability to wage the “war on terror” with his closing of Guantanamo and his setting limits on torturing and all that, is he?

Under Bush we got wild-eyed groups trying to blow up the Sears tower from Miami by requesting combat boots from the FBI; we got guys trying to flood Manhattan, which is above sea level, by blowing up tunnels which are below sea level; we got some guy planning to blow up La Guardia by setting fire to a pipeline miles away.

My favorite was the two guys who were trying to blow up the Mackinac Bridge, but it turned out they were merely bootlegging cell phones.

Today we have Najibullah Zazi in custody of the FBI, who haven’t laid a finger on him, and he is talking about making a deal. The FBI is telling us enough about him to make it clear his arrest was a good thing, but isn’t doing a tap dance on the podium about how he was on the verge on bringing about the end of the world.

That’s how anti-terrorism should be done.

Obama is also weakening our national defense by not putting anti-missile missiles in Poland, leaving us vulnerable to attack by, well, by somebody who doesn’t actually have any missiles themselves yet but might have them some day. Depending on who you talk to, they might also have a nuclear device for the missiles they don’t yet have, but it’s unclear whether they could fit that device on their wished-for missiles. Nonetheless, Obama is really stupid to leave us vulnerable to that threat.

He’s also stupid to have made a concession to Russia, because no good ever comes of that. Russia always takes what we give it and never returns the favor. There is no evidence that Russia will do anything for us after we cancel the missile shield that they were objecting to.

Oops. Two days after Obama announces the cancellation Russia says words to the effect of, “That was a nice move and we appreciate it, so in return we’re going to cancel deployment of a missile system near Poland ourselves.”

Dick Cheney has returned to his undisclosed location.

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  1. bruce4:13 PM

    I hope DC stays there, and better yet, shuts the f*** up.