Friday, September 18, 2009

Attacking ACORN

Glenn Greenwald has an in-depth and scathing discussion on Congress's cutoff of funding for ACORN at Unclaimed Territory. I'm not going to quote from it, because you should go read it. In short, Congress allows the looting of trillions of dollars by Wall Street for the benefit of the wealthy regardless of huge amounts of illegality and scandal, but cuts off trivial amounts of funding to ACORN for the benefit of the poor based on the trumped up charges of right wing activists. Go read it.

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  1. I read it. I tend to agree with it, at least the larger message of it. ACORN (IMO) has been a legitimate organization trying to better the lives of those who have little recourse, and in the process helping them to be more politically aware and involved. Ok, no problem.

    This publicizes the alleged warping of that mission by some of their operatives. Is this widespread? or condoned /encouraged /abetted by the upper echelons of ACORN? I don't know. Does it warrant a "special prosecutor"? I doubt it, and I wouldn't want DOJ to waste much time on it. Does shit happen in cases like this? If it doesn't I would be surprised.

    The gist of this article and Jayhawks posting is this: Why is attention NOT BEING PAID to the other larger, fraudulent, illegal, unethical shit that is happening?

    Oooooh, the dog pooped on the sidewalk, better pick it up! while raw sewage is pouring out the gutters. The sarcasm is intentional.