Monday, December 01, 2008

Zippo Lighters

When I was ten or eleven my brother hit me in the head with a hockey stick and gave me a concussion. (It wasn't on purpose, or at least he claimed it wasn't.) I was taken to the hospital and was being kept awake, and of course I was pretty scared. I wanted to go to sleep, but what I really wanted was my Dad. Finally somebody came in and told me I could go to sleep, but I couldn't do that. I struggled and struggled and kept myself awake. Then I heard a Zippo lighter click shut in the hallway outside. I knew that was Dad's lighter, he shut his lighter with a special click. I heard the Zippo click shut; Dad was here. I was out, never even saw him enter the room.

Amazingly, Zippo lighters are still being made today, in Bradford PA. They are completely unchanged from the one that my father clicked shut in that hospital hallway more than fifty years ago.

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  1. Anonymous12:41 PM

    Bill, that's a great story. Thanks for linking to

    I also find your statement on the role of government to be thought provoking. I'm a "minimum government" kind of guy, but I like how you've described different areas where the government can provide justice.