Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Chargers Update

Headline in the San Diego Union-Tribune today,

"Confident Chargers focused on postseason."

Now that is exactly how you blow the big game before you even go on the field. That is how you lose games you are expected to win.

But, when you read the article, it turns out there is nothing there that justifies the headline. The writer, Kevin Acee, writes that the players are feeling confident. At the beginning of the article he makes some allusion to "It might all be for naught," but it is unclear what that is in reference to. There is not one quote from a player or coach speaking about postseason. The quotations are players saying that now that the team has won three games in a row, the last one over a quality opponent at Tampa, the team feels more confident.

The article is, in actuality, gibberish. You can read it here and see what you make of it, see if you think the headline is pertinent.

To me the players sound appropriately confident and ready to go out and win the last game of the season. They sound like a team that has just won three games in a row, the last one against a quality opponent and on the road. They sound like a team that just might be winners.

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