Sunday, December 14, 2008

At Kansas City

The Chargers lead the league in allowing opposing tight ends to catch passes. Tony Gonzales, tight end for the Chiefs, leads the league among tight ends in catching passes. Want to hear my prediction? Guess what; even I don't want to hear my prediction, and I'm the one making it. Chargers, oddly, are favored by 5+.

The Chargers have to win today to... No, forget the playoffs. We have to win three games in a row to finish without a losing record. Even that feat will not have us finishing with a winning record.

Update: Monday morning
Everyone is excited that the team came from behind to win, but no one stops to ponder that the team spent the great majority of the game trailing a team that has only won twice this season. I think the excitement may be a bit misplaced.

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  1. Anonymous10:18 AM

    I hope your jaw isn't sore after picking it up off the floor...

    A squeaker to be sure...