Tuesday, December 16, 2008

Why did we pick that?

Once in a while for the past few years I have been idly asking myself why we would pick such a dark color grout for our tile floors, not really thinking all that much about it, but…
floor beforeWell, the short answer is: we didn’t.

The slightly longer answer is: this is what happens when you live in a climate where winter is about three hours long, and summer is so mild that you never run your air conditioning. Your windows are open all the time and lots of dirt blows in.

I had the people in from Stanley Steemer to do the bedroom carpets today, and the young man waxed very enthusiastic about their tile cleaning service. He was very persistent without being at all pushy, very cheerful about the whole thing, and kept telling me how happy I would be if I would let him clean my tile floors. He really conveyed an enthusiasm, a sense that he saw an opportunity to do something that would make a person’s life better, and I finally succumbed.
floor afterWell, I think I’m glad I did. I’m staying home tomorrow and just sitting around looking at my floors.


  1. Wow! Dude that is amazing! The last time we had Stanley Steamer in, they were all enthused about teh tile cleaning thing too (funny they have never mentioned it all the other times they have been here sucking dirt and money from our carpets.) We could see a big differance, but not that much! Well, maybe we could, except we DO have grey grout with white and black tiles. Not that I would have picked white tiles in a place where winter lasts sooo long and we have pets; once it is there, it is really hard to change.

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