Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Producer Economy, Part Two

I wrote a post yesterday about this nation's economy and, based on the comments, I didn't make my point very well. My point wasn't about buying American vs. foreign products. I see no great value in the former or detriment in the latter. "Not that there is inherent superior value to things that are made in this country," I said in that post.

The point I wanted to make was about policy makers not paying attention. It was about policy makers still saying that it is acceptable for this nation's economy to be based on consumption; that the purpose of building bridges etc. is to create jobs for the purpose of refueling the engine of consumption.

Policy makers seem to think that jobs do not exist for the purpose of making things, but that they exist for the purpose of getting money so the job holders can buy things. But jobs do not exist just to fuel the engine of consumption and most people, I think, want their job to be more than just a way of making money.

So in part it's about policy making, and in part it's about perception of the jobs themselves. And the comments are about buying American products.
I appreciate all comments, especially positive ones as these were, but buying American was not what I was talking about. In fact, I was kind of suggesting we should not be buying at all for a while.

Sometimes I try to keep my posts too short, and sometimes apparently I don't write as well as I think I do.

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