Monday, December 29, 2008

Out of Town

Out of town and using an unfamiliar keyboard, but...

Just about every one of the blogs on my reading list is all agog about the news that teens who take a pledge not to have sex before marriage do so at the same rate as those who don't take the pledge. I have no opinion on that subject. (Teens and pledges. I have many opinions on sex.)

We are visiting friends in NC, and Mo is a Philadelphia Eagles fan so he and I were both happy yesterday. Four times over, actually, as not only did our teams win and move on to the playoffs, but both teams won big and both teams rather humiliated teams that we particularly enjoy seeing humiliated. How sweet it is.

North Carolina, by the way, has one whole hell of a lot of trees.

Update: Tuesday evening
No pictures of the trees. Two reasons. a) We didn't bring a camera, digital or otherwise. b) The trees are mostly leafless and uninteresting. There are a lot of them, but they are much more interesting in summer and even more interesting, way more, in fall.


  1. Do we get to see any pictures of said trees? Or you and/or your wife standing under/near said trees?
    Keep having a fun vacation!

  2. Pictures would be good. Trees are nice, as are people under/near trees. Have fun on that other coast!