Tuesday, November 09, 2010

Weapons of Mass Confusion

George Bush’s book is producing as much confusion and incoherence as his term in office did. The man is infectious to the point that he should be declared a pandemic.

Matt Lauer asks him about not finding WMD’s in Iraq and justification for that war, and Bush responds with, “Well, we didn’t get hit again.” Lauer accepts that as if it made some kind of sense, which it does not. It’s sort of like asking why Bush’s Rangers did not win the World Series and he’d responded, “Well, the Cowboys are 1-7.” At least he was talking about sports; not the same sport, but sports.

So Matt Lauer accepts an answer involving Saudi Arabians hanging out in Afghanistan and attacking with airplanes as a valid response to a question about WMD’s and an invasion of Iraq. Not sure why he would do that, but you don’t say “Wtf are you talking about?” to a sitting president, so maybe you don’t say that to a former president either.

Then along comes Chris Matthews, who can add confusion to just about anything, and he doesn’t let us down. He cites this passage of the Lauer interview and then goes into an absolute fit about, “He’s saying that we didn’t get hit again with WMD’s that didn’t exist.”

Okay, now I not only don’t know what the hell Bush is talking about, I don’t know what Matthews is talking about either. Chris; we weren’t hit with Iraqi WMD’s the first time; you do know that, right?

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