Sunday, November 14, 2010


The movie is trite and predictable, the technology flaws are massive, and I enjoyed it unreservedly. Denzel Washington was up to expectations, the camera work was dazzling, the action was breathtaking, and the experience was non-stop fun. I plan to buy the dvd as soon as it is available.

Speaking of unstoppable, John McCain is amazing. He wants a new report on "Don't Ask Don't Tell," more time to study the existing one, more Congressional hearings and, apparently, more time for the current serving members of the armed forces to reconsider their ill-conceived opinions. Not to mention more time for his wife and daughter to fall in line with the opinions of the patriarch.

And, unrelated to the title, the Buffalo Bills won their first game of the season. Apparently Shawne Merriman is so awesome that merely having him on the roster makes the team a winner, even if he is not actually playing.

Update: The man is a liar or is incredibly ignorant.

He says that the study is to examine "how to implement repeal of the ban," not "what the effect will be" if it is repealed, and that is factually wrong. I have seen the questionnaire and have reviewed each and every question contained in it. It does not ask in any form about method of implementation. It does not ask about showering or sleeping quarters, for instance. It asks entirely about effects on leadership, combat readiness, and effects on unit morale.

John McCain is a homophobe and a liar, and he dishonors his service.

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