Friday, November 26, 2010

The Iron Bowl Today

I wonder how many people know why the "Iron Bowl," the annual game between Alabama and Auburn, is called that. The reason is that for many years it was played in Birmingham, and Birmingham is historically a major steel making center. It's also one of my favorite cities, by the way, full of absolutely delightful people, stunningly good food and set in the gorgeous foothills of the mountains of northern Alabama.

The game itself is one where I have seriously divided loyalty. My first loyalty is to LSU, which is not in the game of course. I am secondly a Crimson Tide fan, but I have a very close friend in Columbus, GA who is a third generation Auburn alumnus. When I lived in Georgia and watched the Iron Bowl with him I had to be careful to sit beyond arm's reach.

Things got really confusing when we watched Auburn play LSU, what with all the screaming of "Go Tigers" and "Geaux Tigers."

Post Game: Wow, that was some game. At least there will (should) be an SEC team playing for the championship. Q: What do you call an Alabama receiver who does not wear the number eight? A: Decoy.

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