Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Coffee and Results

That was a great result, if only in the sense that any result determined by the people is a great result. I am, of course, having to stand behind my post yesterday, and celebrate the results. In truth, I have always felt that a government divided between the two parties was not a bad idea. My coffee tastes just fine this morning. We have Santa Ana conditions and it is a beautiful day.

On the down side, it is going to be difficult to face two years of John Boehner weeping at the podium. Let’s hope that the man gets a grip, but since he hasn’t after all these years, the chances aren’t good.

It is sad to see Russ Feingold dumped. What was Wisconsin thinking?

We did get rid of Alan Grayson. He was the “darling of the left wing,” but I regarded him as the worst sort of posturing jackass. Inflammatory rhetoric is no substitute for serious governance.

It’s too bad we couldn’t get rid of Harry Reid. Angle would have been worse in some ways, but she would not have been in charge. Two more years of Reid running the Senate? That man has been a disaster.

In California the two rich women lost and the propositions went about the way I imagined they would. Pot smokers are blue, Congressional districts will be redrawn and voters will find out soon that a budget passed in haste by a simple majority is nowhere near as cool as they thought it would be.

In San Diego the sales tax that Hizzoner the Mayor was blackmailing city voters into passing failed by almost a 2 to 1 margin. As Michael Aguirre said, “When the Mayor says you have a choice of passing a tax to pay the city’s debt or cutting services, it’s okay to say that you didn’t approve the debt in the first place.”

You probably have to live in San Diego to know who Michael Aguirre is. Former City Attorney and still noisy. Politicians hate him and taxpayers, mostly, love him. He’s not at the top of the Chargers hit parade, because he doesn’t think they need a new stadium, at least not at taxpayer expense.

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bruce said...

Agreed with (just about) everything Bill has said here.

I'm wondering when the politician lawsuits will start challenging prop 20...

I think the Repubs need to think very carefully about how they will proceed from here... Yes, they wone, voters are disenchanted, but is that a "mandate"?

It is (by one measure) an indication of how fickle voters are and no politician should take anything for granted.

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