Sunday, November 21, 2010

Kicking It Around

LSU pulled it out again. Critics are panning the SEC defenses based on high-scoring games, but I'd say it has more to do with high-powered offenses. Old Miss is far better than it's record would indicate.

Les Miles is still a winning idiot. He has this short yardage play where, after the initial set, the tight end and slot back switch to the other side. The entire universe knows that Ridley is going to carry off-tackle to that side, certainly the opponent does, and the play never gains a single yard. That's why LSU goes for it on 4th down so often; they keep running that silly-ass play on third and one.

The announcers were freaking out over Mississippi having two place kickers with the same number, which I'll admit is pretty silly, and were wondering what would happen if they were on the field at the same time. Really, why would a team have two place kickers on the field at the same time? A punter as a holder for the place kicker, yes, but... How much do they pay those guys?

The Chargers' game is sold out Monday night, which means I'll have to listen to the idiots on ESPN blathering nonsense for three hours. I know those particular morons are paid too much. It will be interesting, though, to see how many of the tickets were sold to Denver fans.

Update: What, me buy a ticket? And pay $200 to sit in the stands freezing my ass off through all of those television timeouts? I don't think so.

Update the second: Well, shit: I completely spaced out the SDSU-Utah game, which Utah won, apparently, with a combination of offensive power and SDSU ineptitude. Maybe I'm glad I missed that.

Watching Pittsburg beat Oakland, I am drawing the conclusion that the officials are trying to turn the game of football into a non-contact sport. Those were a couple of the most ridiculous contact foul calls that I have seen in forty years of watching this game.

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momlee said...

Utah had offensive power in the 2nd half, certainly not in the first. And SDSU was anything but inept in the first half. But ultimately, the better team won. Ahem. Not that I'm biased.

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