Monday, November 22, 2010

Privacy Violations

For a real profile of how thoroughly everyone in authority "doesn't get it" read this piece at ABC News. People in high places who have never had to submit to the procedure, such as Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama, say that they "understand how people feel" with respect to being groped in public. No, you don't. You are about as close to understanding how we feel about being groped in public as Saturn is to our Moon.

I particularly like the response of Pistole, head of the TSA, with respect to people's complaints that poorly trained, and sometimes actually abusive, TSA staff are going too far with these cutely named "pat downs,"

Pistole said he is "very aware" of the concerns raised by passengers and said if anyone feels their privacy was violated, they can file a complaint on the TSA's website or ask for a supervisor at the airport.

I think, Mr. Pistole, the point is not to provide provisions for complaint, but to prevent the complaint from becoming necessary.

I'm sure the traveler whose urostomy bag your people dislodged and who subsequently had to parade through the airport reeking of his own urine is going to feel just fine after he logs onto your website and fills out a complaint. Or does the supervisor he's going to "ask for at the airport" know how to reattach a urostomy bag, and have a shower and a clean set of clothes to offer in time to catch the flight?

It is reaching the point that we sometimes spend more time "clearing security" in the airport than we spend actually in transit to our destination.

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