Friday, November 12, 2010

Cat Lapping

Four scientists at three prestigious American universities have figured out that cats are much more sophisticated in the way that they drink than are dogs. Meanwhile in Switzerland, scientists are unraveling mysteries of the creation of the universe using the Large Hadron Collider. I guess we showed them who is serious.

Today's article in the New York Times sort of implies that cats of various sizes weigh themselves and then whip out their slide rules to calculate how fast to lap. Oh wait, not slide rules; I'm sort of dating myself there. Pocket calculators. Except cats don't have pockets. Calculators. Anyway, I don't think so.

My cat would be lost at the "weighing herself" part, which requires a certain amount of self awareness. She still attacks the cat in the mirror. She has learned that starting from the opposite side of the room at a dead run and making her attack with a flying leap is somewhat less than a stellar idea.

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