Monday, November 29, 2010

Kicking It Around

Give me a break. Vincent Jackson, after declining a multi-million dollar contract as too small following his second drunk driving arrest and holding out for preseason and the first ten games of the regular season, returned to the field Sunday. He "played" (he was on the field) for about three minutes two plays, and then "suffered a calf injury" and was done for the day.

Eric Weddle has certainly mastered the fine art of the undetected pass interference maneuver. He also discovered that those things on the ends of his arms are hands, and can be used to catch the ball.

If the offense had scored as many touchdowns as the defense did, that game would have been a blowout. Ok, it would have been a bigger blowout.

Norv Turner is reported to have told Andrea Kramer that, "In order to convert field goals into touchdowns we have to do a better job on third down." The man is amazing. That is just sheer genius. How do we ever lose a game with that kind of football strategic mastery at the helm?

The other question is why Kramer bothered to cite the quote, of course.

The Atlanta Falcons' defense has got to be the slowest in the league. Once a ball was caught, the defense closed on the Green Bay receiver like they had cinder blocks strapped to their ankles. I suspect that more than 50% of the Packers' passing yardage was actually gained after the catch.

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