Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Celebrate Democracy

There is little question that the election is going to result in control of Congress going to the party which I would not prefer. I will cast my vote in opposition to that outcome, and then I will drink my coffee tomorrow morning and celebrate the result. Celebrate the will of the majority.

The process that results in the carrying out of the will of the majority, and our elections do that, is something to be celebrated. If I am not in that majority at the moment, then so be it, but the process is still a great process, executed in a great country, and I am a part of it. I have had my say. That is worth celebrating. I am saddened by people whose attitude is expressed by statements like this.

I’m not looking forward to the results tonight, but we’ll just have to deal with them and move forward with what we get.

What? The process gives you joy only when you win? We are suffering the effects of sulking losers now, do you really want to become the sulking losers? That sounds like a little kid who, not getting his way, takes his toys and goes home.

The purpose of voting is to express my opinion, to have my say in the process of governance, and I experience that no matter who wins. To say that my vote didn’t count just because the candidate I voted for lost is to misunderstand the whole concept of voting. It isn’t about who wins, it’s that I get to say who I wanted, and I did so.

I can vote by mail, and it's certainly easier that way, but I don't do that. There is value for me in walking into the voting place, greeting the poll workers and marking the ballot. I am reluctant to give up that experience. After almost fifty years of doing it, the experience is still one that I treasure.

Regardless of winner, it’s called democracy. Celebrate it.

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bruce said...

Very powerful statement, bravo. Too many people & countries do not have this opportunity. We do. Celebrate it indeed.

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