Thursday, November 04, 2010

Fuzzy Math

Over and over again Chris Matthews and Lawrence O’Donnell are attacking conservatives over the “Bush tax cuts for the rich.” (Keith Olbermann is almost certainly doing the same, but I don’t watch him any more.) “That adds $4 trillion to the deficit,” they rant, “how are you going to pay for that?”

Really. Yet they insist that the “Bush tax cuts for the middle class” must be extended. That adds $7 trillion to the deficit, but they aren’t asking anyone how that is going to be paid for. They are just comfortable as hell with that $7 trillion being added to the deficit.

So $4 trillion needs to be paid for, but $7 trillion does not.

Update: It's okay to add to the deficit for working stiffs, but not for the rich.

Nonsense. Europeans pay far higher taxes than we do and they don't bitch about it. They want the government to do things for them and they are willing to pay what it costs. We want the government to do things for us and don't want to pay for it. The Bush tax cuts were totally unjustified in the first place and should not be extended for anyone. Either that or what the government does should be dramatically slashed. We cannot have it both ways.


bruce said...

The rich people are bad guys, the middle class are enviable working stiffs. Notice they said nothing about tax cuts for the poor. Oh, sorry, they don't pay taxes.

bruce said...

I was being facetious. I agree with the update, I think the tax cuts should be repealed. No one likes taxes, sure, but how the heck is the gov't supposed to pay for stuff & services? They should not add to the deficit for anyone.

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