Wednesday, November 17, 2010

That'll Show Him

Remember back in, I think it was January or so, when Obama went to the Republican luncheon and pretty much took them to school? They invited him to a knife fight and he went with a gun, so to speak. It was a battle of wits and they were unarmed. Or were half-armed.

Okay, I’m finished with the cliches.

Well, I was pretty sure, even as I was enjoying watching that, that the event was going to come back and bite him on the ass. Okay, I wasn’t finished with the cliches. The Republicans are biting him on the ass because that’s as high as they can reach. It’s a stature thing.

Politico, a place which I never go unless I am sent there by, in this case, Talking Points Memo, has a piece about the Republicans rejecting Obama’s invitation for a meeting and putting it off until after Thanksgiving because he has to “rebuild their trust” after he “invaded their caucas” last winter and caught them unprepared to deal with him. I never actually read Politico, I just go look to be sure the quoted article exists and is essentially as the quoter represented it, so I’m not sure what it actually says about the Republican reasons for the postponement.

I must say that the Politico piece shows two really pissed off Republicans and an equally pissed off President, so they certainly do set the tone pictorially.

Update: I'm sorry, I believe the proper term is "ankle biting." Good God, you mean they cannot even reach his ass?

And Dick Cheney made a comment at the Bush Library groundbreaking about it being "the only shovel ready project in America right now." The left wing is all up in arms about him taking a cheap shot at Obama. Oh, for heaven's sake, get a sense of humor. It was a joke, and was actually a little bit funny. Lighten up.

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