Saturday, May 15, 2010

Voter Enthusiasm Gap

As primaries ramp up and the election in November draws closer, the Democrats are raising the drumbeat ever louder about how the Republicans got us into this economic crisis, and the oil spill in the Gulf is due to Republican lack of regulation, etc. They want me to vote for them again this year, and cannot figure out where the enthusiasm of the Democratic voters of the past two elections has gone.

I’ll tell you where mine has gone. I am sick and tired of hearing about everything being the fault of the Republicans and about how Democrats “inherited this mess and are working hard to fix it.”

I’m sick and tired of hearing how Obama has only been in office for a year.

Democrats have controlled Congress for three full years, and have spent the entire three years blaming Republicans for everything. They chose to be Bush’s poodle for two of those years, which is not of Republican making. They then passed, with the “help” of a Democratic President, anemic stimulus and health insurance bills which are so having little visible effect that they are having to “sell” them to the public after passing them, mostly by using contrast with Republicans who opposed them rather than by illustrating actual tangible effects.

Obama keeps yammering that the Republicans drove the car into the ditch, but I don’t see him being any kind of big red, white and blue tow truck. He’s just standing beside the ditched car bitching at the Republicans for having ditched it, like some sort of nagging housewife, while Congress stands on the sideline fecklessly flapping its hands.

Obama was incensed, and properly so, at the “ridiculous spectacle” of the oil company executives pointing the finger of blame at each other in front of Congress, but then he stands in front of the American people and bleats about the problems that they face being the fault of the Republican party.

I don’t see anybody here to be enthusiastic about voting for.

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