Monday, May 17, 2010

Kagan "Broke The Law"

Elena Kagan "broke the law" by denying the Army access to Harvard for recruiting during "time of war," according to Senator Jeff Sessions. He went on to rant about how her doing so put this nation at risk.

Oh, good God. When less than 1% of the people in this nation are serving in uniform, the lack of the people who might have signed up at Harvard (Harvard!) is an issue? All the Harvard graduates who wanted to enlist in the Army please stand up... Oh, wait, you did sign up?

What, they were there recruiting, you say? Elena Kagan barred them from using one particular office for the purpose, but they were there and they signed you up to serve in the Army. Fancy that.

As Glenn Greenwald pointed out on "This Week," it's not the Army that is discriminating against gays, in any case, it is the US Congress. The Army is following a law passed by Congress and voted for by many sitting Democratic Congressmen and Senators.

Senator Jeff Sessions is an idiot.

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