Friday, May 14, 2010

The Three Stooges

Chris Matthews, Keith Olbermann, and Rachel Maddow have all made a big deal out of this quote, spoken by Sarah Palin at a speech in Rosemont, IL,

A gal looked up and asked him where he was from, and he said, "Alaska," and then, all of a sudden, the clerk, she turns beet red and the veins pop out of her neck, kind of like Rachel Maddow does sometimes. Now watch, that clip’s going to be on air for her, doggone it. Get her some ratings.

That may be a modestly funny remark, but Palin said it to get herself, Palin, some ratings and of course the blockheads at MSNBC are obliging her. Maddow, who I don’t actually watch, apparently went on about it at great length. They claim that Palin is inconsequential, and then spend a great deal of time covering her blather and proving mostly how inconsequential their own shows are.

It also displays how little imagination any of them have, since all three of them are using the same material. That is, actually, by no means unusual.

Just to add to the hilarity, all three of them made quite a big deal out of the fact that Palin was speaking at a rally sponsored by a manufacturer of sump pumps. Olbermann even went to great length to point out that they do not make primary sump pumps, they make backup sump pumps. Why that is significant was not explained by any of the three of them, nor can I shed any light on that issue.

And if Arlen Specter doesn't win in Pennsylvania, it won't be for the lack of Chris Matthews trying to promote him. He gave Specter fifteen minutes on his show Wednesday to make campaign speeches, fawning over him the whole time, and he repeatedly criticized Sestak's advertising yesterday. He is doing everything short of wearing "Vote for Specter" campaign buttons on his lapel.

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