Thursday, May 06, 2010

In Search of Accuracy

Just a quick note to all of the "newscasters" who keep talking about what "British Petroleum" is doing in the Gulf of Mexico. It isn't doing anything, anywhere. Several companies, including Amoco and Castrol, merged with British Petrolem quite some years ago to form a new company called BP, which is drilling in the Gulf. Sheesh.

And digby refers to people from Louisiana, tongue in cheek, as "those dumb, swamp-dwelling, gumbo-eating hicks." Um, I hate to tell you this, digby; calling Louisianans dumb might be a bit rude, but "gumbo-eating" is definitely not an insult, and I'm not sure that "swamp-dwelling" is either.

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Anonymous said...

The Mississippi delta, including its swamps, has provided this great nation with both its best and its best known music: zydeco, for example, and blues, and thus its off-shoots R & B and Rock & Roll as well. It has provided us with some truly great cuisines: Creole, Cajun, southern (not to be confused with Texan!) bar-b-que.
So trying to sully the image of those Americans who have the privilege of living on the bayous by pointing out that they do live on the bayous does seem pretty silly, doesn't it?

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