Thursday, May 13, 2010

The Peoples Right To Vote Act

Proposition 16 is a particularly nasty example of California’s initiative process. The name is typical of the genre, designed to deceive people into voting against their interest and for the interest of major corporations. The initiative is sponsored by Pacific Gas and Electric.

At present, if corporate utilities are not serving a community well, the local government in the form of City Council or whatever can organize an electrical cooperative to serve the community as a utility provider. This proposition would require a popular vote to permit that, and would require a two-thirds majority to approve the process. Since Californians cannot secure a two-thirds majority vote on anything, passage of this initiative would assure major corporations like PG&E a complete lock on utility provision in the state.

"Oh hell no" is not on the ballot, so just vote "No" on Prop 16.

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bruce said...

I would tend to vote against anything sponsored by a corporation anyway.
But you are correct.

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